Consumer Packaged Goods Solutions

Consumer Packaged Goods Solutions

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The ‘who, where, when, and why’ questions concerning potential buyers are essential for any consumer product company. It is the ability to leverage this understanding through the medium your customers know best and use most that will drive success. Social platforms and Mobile technologies have become ubiquitous instruments of today’s consumer. This new digital toolkit is good news for Consumer Product companies. By embracing this digital forum, consumers can provide real-time data regarding detailed buying behavior, including what, where, when and even why factors. CPG organizations can now measure their success by closing the loop via social discussion, digital campaigning, coupon and promotion efforts and analytics to grow and retain wallet share.

Visionet is at the forefront of helping product companies achieve success with technology. Working with some of the world’s best known brands, Visionet provides expertise in all aspects of the digital commerce ecosystem. From website creation, administration and support to content and asset management to e-Commerce engine deployment, integration and analytics, our solution engineers help you bridge the digital divide to your customers.


  • Delivering new services and products to customers.
  • Discovering better ways to interact with customers.
  • Providing the right information to the right person at the right time.

About the Company

Visionet is a unique company among IT and Business solution providers. Visionet boasts an 87% on-time within budget project success rate when the industry hovers under 40%. One key reason for this success is Visionet has the highest on/offshore employee retention in the industry. With less than 10% employee turnover, Visionet maintains the lowest attrition for IT service companies in the industry.   With 20+ years of IT Solution creation along with deep experience in solving business challenges, Visionet has positioned itself among the top leaders in IT and Business Process Outsourcing services. By bringing these two centers of excellence together, we have built a suite of technology enabled solutions that drive ROI for our clients and sets Visionet far ahead of any competition.

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