Content Augmentation Platform

Content Augmentation Platform



InfinityAR’s technology can turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform, using basic and affordable hardware. Our novel augmented reality (AR) engine is based on powerful computer vision algorithms, enabling developers to easily and quickly launch and take AR apps to market.


  • Position and Orientation: Highly accurate and real-time analysis of user’s orientation and position within the physical environment, enabling a truly immersive AR experience. InfinityAR advanced tracking algorithms enable content providers to create perfect interactions with virtual objects while users are moving around in their physical world.
  • Scene reconstruction: An accurate 3D scene digital representation of one’s current physical environment, enabling an intelligent understanding of the mapped 3D scene by creating a depth map and 3D reconstruction. You will also get information on light sources, reflections, transparency, shadows, etc.
  • Hand Control: As with real objects, direct “contact” with virtual objects requires typical hand poses and gestures (for locating the hands and for interpreting gestures). Tracking from moving camera (via background subtraction), is used to maximize user interaction experience. Lastly, predictive analysis based on both machine learning of user behavior as well as current scene structure is also used to reduce latency.
  • 3D Model Tracking: CAD based, highly accurate and robust 3D model tracking, enabling endless AR applications for the industrial, enterprise and education markets.
  • Face to Face Interaction: A perfect augmented reality experience will include several participants, interacting with each other and with the virtual objects around them. That’s why InfinityAR’s algorithms were optimized to a passive stereo RGB sensors. Like human eyes, those passive sensors can interact with each other sharing the same virtual content from different angles.
  • Low Cost. Low Power: InfinityAR's algorithms are running on top of low cost off-the-shelf sensors. InfinityAR's computer vision algorithms are optimized to run on the central AR glasses application processor, resulting in low power consumption.

About the Company

InfinityAR’s technology can turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform.

InfinityAR is all about digitally enhancing every person’s physical world.

With our lives becoming more and more digital every day, there is an increasing need to bridge between our physical and digital worlds, letting us interact seamlessly with both worlds at the same time. Infinity AR’s vision is about creating a new digital environment that will allow people to naturally interact with augmented content in their physical surroundings.

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