Context Accelerator

Context Accelerator



Whether you're a retail app looking to increase Monthly Active Users or an SSP or publisher in search of new revenue streams, Context Accelerator is the most actionable way to know your users better and reach them with location context-initiated experiences.


  • Each time your users trigger a geofence you create, your app can deliver messages, load relevant content, or adapt your UX to the user’s physical surroundings.
  • Skyhook's Context Accelerator unlocks your users' Personas: their demographics, interests, and intents based on location history.
  • With the click of a mouse, you can deploy infinite geofences around any venue, brand chain or 2000+ venue categories.

About the Company

Skyhook’s massive global network powers billions of location requests in all of the places that they happen. Our customers include giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony and Mapquest. Our coverage is monumental and constantly growing. We exist to make location faster, more precise and practical and have teams dedicated to research and development, support and getting our message in the hands of everyone who can use our technology.

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