Cozumo’s disruptive technology enables the Internet of Everything in retail, and radically transforms how small to midsize retailers engage with their customers. By eliminating the financial and technological barriers for retailers, Cozumo gives marketers access to ‘big data’ insights and the unprecedented ability to be attentive, nimble, quick, predictive, relevant and personal in real-time. We refer to this as the Responsiveness Revolution.


Interceptor, Scanner Interceptor, Patent Pending Hardware, Secure Cloud, Custom Dashboards

About the Company

Cozumo eliminates the financial and practical barriers that presently stand in the way of real customer responsiveness. Our technology gives merchants the unprecedented ability to accurately know who their customers are, what they are buying, how they are buying, where they are buying and indeed when they are buying.

For the first time, small to medium sized retailers will be able to identify purchasing preferences and patterns with intelligence gleaned from actual transactions. They will gain the ability to open a dialogue with customers, offer meaningful incentives or recommend products and services in real-time. Vital analytics, couponing and loyalty programs that were previously out of reach will now be in the hands of every retailer.

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