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If it’s your job to convince consumers to buy your product or services, you need an experienced partner that will create the most cost-efficient, consumer effective In-Store merchandising solutions. Our approach begins with the consumer in mind - the choices they have and the psychology around a buying decision. For every project we complete extensive in-store audits, which includes store visits coupled with product/consumer research. Our objective is to gain an appreciation of how your product is merchandised by observing the competitive landscape which helps frame our conceptual thinking. This formula provides a basis for our unique design solutions. Experience shows that this creates a strong point of difference and helps captivate shoppers at retail.


  • Creative Services: Display Ideation, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Graphic Design, Touch Screen Interface Design, Software Development, Proprietary Web-based CRM Tools, Contextual Research.
  • Our approach to manufacturing starts with determining the scope and construction of the project at hand. Most of our displays are produced under one roof. This 100,000 sq.ft. facility has many capabilities: plastic fabrication, powder coating, silk screening, assembly and fulfillment, quality control, warehousing and distribution.
  • Process-driven and highly documented, In-Store Experience has been recognized as a “Best in Class” supplier by several major corporations.

About the Company

In-Store Experience has lineage dating back to 1940, where the first generation of Andersons pioneered the use of light and motion at retail which drove sales at the point of purchase. Today, that same passion and drive for innovation lives on. In-Store Experience is a vertically integrated provider of cutting-edge retail displays including interactive, digital merchandising solutions that create brand awareness while captivating, educating, and stirring consumers to action.

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