Cross-Platform Measurement

Cross-Platform Measurement

Rentrak Corporation


As more channels, devices and platforms appear, the way consumers watch TV has evolved.

Advertising success no longer depends on wide audience exposure, but instead hinges on understanding consumers and effectively communicating with them using precise targeting and measurement.

Rentrak knows that not all viewers are alike. Just because two viewers may fit the same demographic mold doesn’t necessarily mean they share the same interests, like the same products or enjoy the same movie and TV programming. Rentrak accounts for this increasingly complex marketplace with its unique ability to combine massive amounts of movie and TV measurement information with information about the products viewers buy, the cars they drive and the lifestyles they lead.

TV Essentials: Providing television measurement from more than 37 million screens and approximately 17 million households across the country, Rentrak is the trusted source for networks, agencies and advertisers, delivering the most precise and reliable TV ratings all day, every day across the largest media landscape.

StationView Essentials: Don't stop at sweeps. Rentrak is the industry's massive and passive currency providing TV measurement from tens of millions of screens across every local market all day, every day — giving stations the most reliable and precise information about the products viewers buy and the television content they watch.

Custom Reports: Standard solutions don’t always meet complex needs. Rentrak’s services address a wide array of industry concerns, but what about questions that go beyond our Essentials suite of products? Rentrak’s Analytical Solutions team can provide customized answers that offer deep insights into a variety of client verticals.


  • Precisely target the viewing consumer you want to reach.
  • Pinpoint audiences based on the programming they watch, the lifestyles they lead, the way they vote, the cars they drive and the products they buy, for the industry's most targeted approach to ad-buying. 

About the Company

Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT) is the entertainment industry’s premier provider of worldwide consumer viewership information, precisely measuring actual viewing behavior of movies and TV everywhere the consumer is watching. 

For more than 30 years, entertainment professionals from across the globe have relied on Rentrak's revolutionary products and services to better deliver their business goals and more precisely target advertising across numerous platforms including box office, multiscreen television and home video. 

Decades of experience transforming unprecedented amounts of data into usable information, has solidified Rentrak’s position in the center of the media and entertainment marketplace. Rentrak is proud to offer our clients and partners the most granular and precise measurement of movie and television content intelligence available. With the ability to overlay segmentation and advertiser databases across all digital media distribution platforms, our technology is helping to change the conversation between advertising buyers and sellers to assist them in sending targeted messages to consumers and ultimately compete more effectively. As the media and entertainment advertising sectors continue to evolve, Rentrak remains the leading source for knowing – every day, every minute, every second – who is going to the movies and who is watching TV, everywhere.

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