The Garvey Group


Garvey has partnered with Cross Cap Technologies, a graphical, easy to use, robust software tool that provides complete visibility and management of Omni-channel marketing—future and historical. Cross Cap encompasses marketing, store operations, on-line ordering and replenishment.


  • Strategic planning, annual budgeting, campaign creation.
  • Execution, proofing, versioning and message delivery across multiple platforms.
  • Store profiling at all levels.

About the Company

We are The Garvey Group…..a technology rich, fully integrated national team of experts in the packaging, entertainment, outdoor and retail markets. Cutting edge ecommerce and print technologies managed by the best talent in the business supporting color, print production, inventory management, distribution/fulfillment, prototype development and world class printing solutions. Celebrating over 95 years of providing business solutions to a wide range of clients. Our tightly integrated, strategically placed locations in the Midwest and West Coast, enable our customers to quickly reach their market as we help them increase brand awareness and drive revenues.

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