CryoWerx Smart Fridge

CryoWerx Smart Fridge

CryoWerx Pte Ltd.


CryoWerx offers a turn-key solution for business premises to provide self-service access of fresh-food 24/7. With our extensive F&B partners, you can be sure that your customers / workforce spoilt with tasty healthy choice.

At CryoWerx, we take the concept of ‘Grab & Go’ to a whole new level. With our Smart Fridge, your consumers can simply use our mobile app to unlock the door, browse through your selection of fresh, flavourful food, grab the items they fancy, close the door and go. Payment is automatically deducted once the door closes. They’ll have fresh food on tap – night and day – and you’ll be registering purchases round the clock. 

Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring restauranteur, we can help you rack up sales – without the extra overheads or manpower. With CryoWerx’s Smart Fridge, you’ll be able to offer your customers fresh food – 24/7 – without worrying about running extra overheads or manpower. It’s easy for your customers too. Here’s how: 


Scan the Fridge QR code with our mobile application. 


Remove your selected items from our Smart Fridge. 


Shut the door to authorise your credit card payment. You can also request an e-receipt. 


More consumer touchpoints for more profits

Just because your brick-and-mortar outlet is closed doesn’t mean that your cash register should be too. With our Smart Fridges, you can provide fresh and delicious dining options at multiple locations – anytime, anywhere – for consumers looking to grab and go.  

Real-time insights for real-time decision making 

Our unique ‘smart tag’ technology tracks each item as it enters and leaves the fridge. This data is sent to your online dashboard, giving you real-time sales and inventory updates. Change your digital price tags based on demand and set up instant promos. With a couple of taps, you can minimise food wastage, save costs, increase sales and manage inventory – whenever, wherever. 

Greater customer satisfaction, greater brand loyalty

No more room to serve or no budget to hire more staff? No problem. Just load your food in our Smart Fridge, set it on display and introduce self-service. Say goodbye to long queues, missed sales opportunities and staff shortages, and hello to a stream of satisfied customers. 

Deeper insights into customer buying habits 

When customers use our brand new mobile app, you’ll get to find out which items have the consumers raving, learn about their nutritional preferences and discover which areas are home to your diehard fans. Use the data to respond immediately to demand and create new recipes that are designed to hit the spot – every time.

About the Company

At CryoWerx, we revolutionize the way ‘Grab & go’ food kiosks operate. We provide a simple and cost-effective way for savvy restauranteurs to share a common space through our Smart Fridge and sell fresh, healthy, flavourful food unattended at multiple locations, anytime, anywhere at a fraction of the rental and manpower costs of a traditional outlet.  

The ‘Grab & Go’ format is a relatively new but rapidly rising industry in Singapore. Given the government’s firm to driving more innovative and manpower-lean business formats in the Food Services sector, this concept is primed for greater growth. As a pioneer in the field, CryoWerx plans to take the lead in championing this trend and become the preferred ‘Grab & go’ partner for F&B enterprises the world over. 

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