Custom & Stock Display Solutions

Custom & Stock Display Solutions

Masonways Indestructible Plastics, LLC


Rotationally molded products provide durable, sanitary, eco-friendly, high load capacity stacking and storage items for retail, industrial, institutional and commercial usage.

Unlike injection-molded products that can easily become damaged in-store and even shipping, rotational molded products use an advanced “no-seam” construction technology that is long lasting, improves safety, and is affordably priced.


  •  Durable, long lasting, recyclable/recycled display material.
  • bluedot One-piece lighweight construction.
  • bluedot Environmentally friendly & sanitary.

About the Company

MasonWays is the largest, most diversifed manufacturer of heavy-duty, recyclable, rotational molded plastic dunnage racks, storage bases, bulk merchandisers and stock displays in North America. For over 25 Years, we have provided a wide range of products in many sizes, as well as customized graphics, including patented display solutions for retail, institutional and commercial usage

MasonWays products are eco-friendly and affordably priced, passing stringent quality and food safety requirements.

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