Custom Store Fixtures + Retail Displays

Custom Store Fixtures + Retail Displays

Bishop Fixture + Millwork


Bishop Fixture + Millwork manufactures custom store fixtures, visual merchandising displays, furniture, architectural millwork, and hardware for commercial spaces worldwide. Bishop's vast material expertise and fabrication capabilities allow us to create anything you can dream up. Our engineers and material experts will work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind product in wood, metal, glass, acrylic, vinyl, solid surface or any combination.


  • Merchandising Displays & Fixtures, Mall & Indoor/Outdoor Kiosks, Cashwraps & Counters, POP & Interactive Displays, Furniture, Tables & Seating, Shelving, Hardware & Accessories, Perimeter & Freestanding Casework, Platforms, Risers, Cubes, Pedestals, Gondolas, Carts & Endcaps, Architectural Trim & Moldings, Décor Packages, Column/Soffit, Enclosures, Slatwall & Slatwall Fixtures, Hardware and Standards, Sign Frames, Lit and Unlit Signage & Props, Hang Racks, Storage and Backroom supply.
  • Eco-Friendly, Innovative, Value Engineered Displays: Need displays that meet your environmental initiatives and lower your costs? Bishop works with Fortune 500 retailers and interior design companies to create more sustainable, branded fixtures that outperform the competition while saving you money.
  • Protect Your Investment: Bishop's 34 years of experience in retail, hospitality, and corporate fixtures is an asset to our clients. Whether we spot design & engineering opportunities that save you money today or stand by your product down the road, Bishop takes extra care to ensure your project is an absolute success. Warranties can be developed on a design basis to support your stores and protect your investment.

About the Company

In 1977, Hub and Morgan Nelson founded Bishop Fixture + Millwork, Inc., a custom store fixture, kiosk & retail environment manufacturing company focused on better serving the retail industry with premier design-build-installation solutions. Out of their garage, using hand tools and a customer-centric business model, Bishop Fixture + Millwork was born. Within a year, Morgan and Hub were building relationships with industry leaders such as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation - now the Minnesota based, Target Corporation. Today, Bishop continues to suppport the Target Corporation and other leading retailers with a commitment to quality, service and win-win relationships.

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