Cygnus Retail Management

Cygnus Retail Management

FTS Solutions


CYGNUS is an Enterprise-class Retail Management Solution. It is a web-based high-volume, secure, real-time two-way system for managing products, pricing, sales, inventory and orders for single or multi-store retailers. 


  • Centralized Control of Prices & Promotions.
  • Full Two Way Communication Between Stores and the Head Office. Easily Integrates with Accounting, Payroll and other Systems.
  • Supplier Price Data Import / Export Facility.

About the Company

FTS Solutions is a Houston-based company focused on developing Internet-based Solutions for the evolving business. We have a strong suite of products that deliver cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. 

Our products are focused around flexibility, scalability, reliability and low cost-of-ownership. We use the power of the Internet to provide Fortune 500 caliber capabilities to the evolving business

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