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DART Displays


DART Displays offers a way to transform the in-store shopping experience to one that is digital and dynamic, with reporting and analytics that lead to big insights about what moves your shopper to purchase.  
By leveraging DART Displays structures (both permanent and flexible) you can and will create a best in class approach for enhancing the brand experience in-store. 


Benefits of partnering with DART Displays - With extensive CPG and retail shopper marketing experience, the DART Displays team can help your brand negotiate, co-sell, and secure endcap space with your retail partners.

  • Remotely updateable - Creative versioning by region, daypart, store-level demographic makeup, etc.
  • Dynamic customization of content by single interface, with optimization abilities towards best performing messages or offers
  • A/B and multivariate testing means in-market testing of claims and creative


  • Store-level sales analytics tied to sales data show sales lift vs. message or offer
  • Real-time insights on sales performance and optimization


  • Virtually no lead time to deploy new content
  • Centrally controlled by single interface
  • Improved store execution - 100% compliance
  • Reduced environmental impact vs. cardboard
  • Reduction in costs for store-labor and waste


About the Company

With digital screens and devices in the hands of consumers everywhere, the marketing world has changed. Unfortunately, in-store marketing vehicles have not participated in marketing’s digital revolution. Cardboard displays have remained the only widely available vehicle for brands to communicate their latest benefit claim or brand story to influence shopper’s decisions.
DART Displays was born with a single mission- unlock the potential of digital marketing within the brick & mortar retail store. Our digital display solutions give CPG brands control and insights into their shoppers they never thought possible.
DART Displays' management team has over 60 years combined CPG, mass retail, digital signage and programmatic digital media experience. 

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.