DASH Retail Robotic Shopping Cart

DASH Retail Robotic Shopping Cart

Five Elements Robotics


Plans Shopping Trips: DASH maps out the most effective route through the store and leads the customer to their items.

Transfer or Create Shopping Lists: Customer scan transfer shopping lists from their phone or use the display's search and find interface to create their shopping lists.

Automatic Scanning of Items at the Cart: Items are scanned as they are placed in the cart.

Point of Purchase Checkout at the Cart: Using credit card, Apple pay or Google Wallet

Targeted Advertisements on Cart's Display: DASH gathers data about each customer's historical buying habits then displays targeted advertisements to each customer. 


  • Integrated security
  • Follows customer to car after purchase
  • Automatic return to docking station

About the Company

Five Elements Robotics™ is dedicated to revolutionizing the human robot relationship™ with follow-me™ technology by providing computer services and customized software for the control of personal and consumer robots. Our goal is to help launch the Era of Robotics, in which robots become a part of our everyday life. We envision robots being a part of the family unit, and integral to our society and mindset. We see families naming their robots, developing relationships with them, and counting on them to do many tasks that we either can’t do, or don’t want to do. To that end we have developed Budgee™. A reasonably priced follow-me™ robot assistant who carries your things so you don’t have to!

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