We annotate and clean your datasets with great accuracy, time and cost efficiently. 

High quality datasets for computer vision

With Deepomatic, get your computer vision dataset done quickly, without developing any additional tools or hiring any human annotators. Your scientists and engineers time is precious: let our super-powered annotators do the job.

Thanks to our high standard quality review and the experience of our human workforce, be sure to obtain the best precision at the best price.


We scale for you - Whether you need thousands or millions of annotations, we will adapt to your needs to provide you with a dataset as quickly as possible. 

We take care of the interfaces - Don't spend time developing annotation interfaces. We do that for you. Classification, detection, segmentation, video annotation: we may already have developed the one you need. 

Tagging - Tag an image with as many labels as necessary. 

Detection - Object annotated with boxes. 

Segmentation - Pixel-wise annotations. Each pixel is annotated with a label.

About the Company

We are the Image Intelligence Company. 

At Deepomatic, our mission is to help businesses solve complex image-related problems by building end-to-end computer vision systems. Deepomatic delivers a complete set of inter-connected services ranging from human annotation, model training to deployment, that together form a powerful, scalable and flexible computer vision programming platform.

By fully addressing our customers problems while relentlessly improving our platform, we get the opportunity to impact businesses on an ever larger scale. Deepomatic aims at becoming the backbone of business image recognition.

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