Date Check Pro

Date Check Pro

Pinpoint Software, Inc.

Stop Waste Together campaign partnership with Date Check Pro.


Stop expired food loss before it happens. Date Check Pro notifies you exactly when and where a product is expiring, giving you time to take action, avoid the loss, and better serve your customers with always fresh, always quality food. Anything with an expiration date and UPC can be tracked.


  • Reduce expired shrink 47-72%.
  • Track data to identify and eliminate high loss items.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and shopping experience.
  • Market your sustainability efforts via Stop Waste Together.

About the Company

Pinpoint Software, Inc. is based in Madison, WI and currently offers two solutions; Date Check Pro and Taskle. Our focus is on providing software solutions that help drive operational efficiency and execution for grocers, retailers, and franchisors.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  Less than 10 employees
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