You want to see a complete picture of marketing effectiveness – online, offline, long-term, short-term – everything. You want to easily plan your approach, optimize budgets and test scenarios. You also want cross-channel attribution, predictive insight and scale – with fast course corrections and decision support. And the measurement insights you gain must help improve ROI and show marketing’s revenue contribution.

MarketShare DecisionCloud has five applications for advanced marketing decision analytics:

Strategy: Our Strategy application, for large companies, can optimize your marketing mix and dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness. This advanced analytics technology reveals what truly drives demand for your products and services – whether it’s your marketing, what competitors are doing, or the weather. And it lets you run different scenarios to answer the “what if?” questions that are critical to effective planning and budgeting.

Action: Our Action application delivers cross-channel attribution “in the cloud” and at scale so you can see the real value of each interaction or “touch point” with customers during their purchase journey. Our technology delivers a complete, holistic view that includes digital (online), offline and other factors that influence purchase decisions. It allows you to optimize, course correct and integrate with your ad tech ecosystem.

Price: Our Price application is sophisticated cloud-based software for dynamic (real time) pricing. It’s perfect for industries such as entertainment, travel, hospitality and others. Our patented technology devours mounds of complex data, at scale, to reveal what’s driving demand and the optimal price to charge for maximum profit. Price delivers instant and ongoing recommendations on how you can adjust prices and boost revenue.

Benchmark: Benchmark is an easy-to-use, self-serve application that helps agencies and others evaluate media channel effectiveness. It leverages proprietary, industry-specific intelligence we’ve developed over many years of experience. These insights show how different media impact sales, and how you can optimize media plans based on target goals. You can tap Benchmark’s powerful recommendations via your browser or through an API.

TV: MarketShare TV™ provides early insights into how different networks, campaigns and creatives are performing on a daily basis through measuring the impact of TV impressions on website visits.


  • All-in-One ROI Improvement
  • One Platform Does it All: The MarketShare DecisionCloud is the only product in the marketplace that combines the world’s most sophisticated planning and allocation solutions with multi-touch attribution, dynamic pricing, benchmark planning and other tools in one place.
  • Relentless Bottom Line Focus: We have a proven track record of helping clients boost marketing effectiveness by 20%-30% on average, while increasing revenue 2%-4%, and with 3x to 50x typical first year ROI improvement.

About the Company

MarketShare is an analytics company that enables businesses to grow more efficiently via cross-media attribution and marketing optimization. 

We have a track record of ground-breaking innovations in predictive analytics and software, partnered with nearly half of the Fortune 50 and 8 of the top 10 global brands. 

Our platform is the industry's most advanced combination of technology, data, modeling and business intelligence solution, driving significant improvements in results and revenue for our clients. 

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Company Size:  501-1000 employees
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