Delivery-on-Demand Sales Platform in a Button

Delivery-on-Demand Sales Platform in a Button

EyeOTee Inc.


EFFORTLESS FULFILLMENT: Our platform offers immediate deployable smart software and hardware “buttons” that are designed to be branded. The button, software or hardware, is a customer activated signaling device. The hardware offering is shipped requiring zero configuration. Providing subscription consumers refills of life’s essentials (diapers, coffee, pet food) in a smart click. Cuts down typical e-commerce user experience from several steps to one and solves the problem of steep shopping cart abandonment rate.

RAPID REORDERS: The Genie platform via embedded hardware and signaling solutions helps complete the deal by closing the loop between reorders, payments and fulfillment. Subscribers simply press a button for instant replenishment, allowing vendors to conclude transactions in a smart click. EyeOTee’s backend Cloud systems provide merchants and shoppers with a friendly secure interface to configure complex parameters and multilayered gatekeepers. Our delivery-on-demand sales platform eliminates the hassles associated with eCommerce replenishment.

CUSTOMER RETENTION: EyeOTee’s complete B2B2C repeat ordering platform simplifies and optimizes the reorder and fulfillment process, encouraging customer loyalty, retention and repeat business. The software and hardware buttons are customizable to maximize vendor brand recognition. The platform can easily be tied into subscriber program benefits. The patent pending EyeOTee solution includes backend security and compliance features, along with a broad set of APIs, POS integration and unlimited flexibility for CRM context data mining capabilities for merchants.

OPTIMIZED SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: Subscribe and save models are plagued with challenges related to lack of flexibility in favor of logistic predictability. Customers tend to run out of items prior to predetermined delivery dates or receive delivery while they still have plenty in stock. The Genie platform provides an accessible on-demand experience while maintaining the merchant’s ability to offer subscription savings and incentives. Brands increase profitability by enhancing the relationships between consumers and their supply chains.


  • The Genie Platform is a delivery-on-demand sales platform hosted in the cloud that allows you to connect directly with your consumers and provide them an effortless means of reordering life’s essentials.
  • The platform is designed for seamless integration with your existing eCommerce, billing and CRM solutions via a set of sophisticated interoperable APIs.
  • While EyeOTee’s initial focus is on diapers, coffee and pet food fulfillment, the platform supports a myriad of uses. Let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to work with you to customize our solution to your industry’s needs.

About the Company

EyeOTee is a technology company developing a cloud based platform that serves as an innovative solution for reordering and replenishment. The Genie platform enables seamless, automatic replenishment of popular household goods. It offers, on the front end, subscription-services-on-demand for consumers and, on the back end, a seamless and secure reordering, logistics and fulfillment system for manufacturers and retailers alike. 

EyeOTee’s complete B2B2C sales platform simplifies and optimizes the reorder and fulfillment process. 
The Genie platform supports the rapid replenishment of life’s essentials by providing streamlined reordering and delivery-on-demand to subscribers. 

The first-of-its-kind platform enables manufacturers to connect with their consumers directly. Distributors and retailers can utilize the platform to offer an effortless means of replenishing the products consumers tend to reorder most. The platform allows for customization to maximize brand recognition and help increase profitability by encouraging consumer loyalty, retention and repeat business. 

The platform closes the loop between reorders, payment, fulfillment and “last mile” delivery solutions. With instant replenishment, an algorithmic backend Cloud system securely supporting configuration of sophisticated notifications, complex parameters and multilayered gatekeepers. 

Using EyeOTee’s solution, the businesses provide the end-user consumers with connected devices, a custom branded integrated smartphone app, API-based integration or retrofit hardware “buttons”, allowing ordering based on actual consumption.

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