On-Demand Delivery Platform

On-Demand Delivery Platform



Powerful features designed to optimize every aspect of your delivery operations for the on-demand era.

Real Time Tracking: Notify your customers when their delivery is on its way with an SMS that opens a web application and a real-time map with their driver’s location. No need to download or install anything.

Dispatcher App: Take the Bringg dashboard with you wherever you go. With the Bringg Dispatcher app, you can assign orders, track and contact drivers and see details about pending and active orders directly from your mobile phone.

Admin and Dispatcher Roles: Notify your customers when their delivery is on its way with an SMS that opens a web application and a real-time map with their driver’s location. No need to download or install anything.

Fully Customizable: Make Bringg reflect your brand’s look and feel with delivery pin and destination flag customization. Add your company logo to the mobile customer app and apply brand colors to your Bringg dashboard.

'Bringg' Your Own App: Already have a native mobile application for your business? Bringg’s tracking screen seamlessly embeds into any app. Now your customers will receive a native push notification allowing them to access the tracking functionality that Bringg provides.

Powerful Dispatching Options: With Bringg’s dispatching algorithms you can automatically task the nearest available driver with a delivery. Additionally, Bringg allows you to choose “Grab” mode – send a task out to all drivers, who ever “grabs” it first gets the task. Or just manually decide which driver should receive a given task.

Powerful Driver Application: With the Bringg Driver Mobile App, your drivers will have all they need to get the job done. From communication with the customers, to navigation, to collecting signatures and taking photos, the Driver app will empower your drivers like never before.

Dispatcher Smart Alerts: Smart alerts notify the dispatcher when a driver is about to be late, or forgot to announce his or her arrival to the customer. With smart alerts, you will always be able to keep your customers happy.

API Integration: The Bringg platform plays nicely with others. With our extensive set of APIs, you can integrate Bringg with any existing system or software you already have in place. Bringg makes any system even better.

Super User Mode: With “Super User Mode,” you can see a live status of the deliveries from all of your merchants. Assist your customers by addressing their questions about the status of a delivery status in real time.

Ding Dong: When a driver arrives at his or her destination, all they have to do is hit “Arrive” on their driver app and the customer will receive a notification that their delivery has arrived. No need to worry about waking the baby!

We're Global: Bringg is used in over 50 countries, so we know how important it is to have a platform that can work in any language. Bringg can be customizable to be used in a wide variety of languages. Just let us know which one you want, and we’ll set it up.

In-App Messaging: Enhance communication between the dispatcher and driver with in-app messages. The messages appear, in real time, within the driver application. With subtle sound effects, you can be sure that any update or message you send will be seen by the driver.

Dependable Driver ETAs: Bringg Platform can identify in real-time whether your delivery person is driving, cycling or running, and base the ETA sent to the customer accordingly.

Public Order Tracking: Deliver as a third party service for multiple businesses? With public order tracking, you can generate a public URL for those businesses to track the drivers and know the ETA for when the orders will be picked up for delivery.

Public Ordering Forms: With Bringg’s simple, easy-to-use and branded online ordering forms, businesses can share URLs with their customer and enable them to order online. Once orders are submitted, they sync directly with the Bringg dashboard and are ready to be dispatched to a driver.


  • Transparent Delivery Operations: Know where your drivers are at all times, communicate with them through the Drivers App, and get visibility on proof of delivery, such as signatures and bar code scans.
  • Awesome Customer Experience: In the On-Demand era, customers expect a user experience that is easy, and powerful with features such as real-time delivery notification, star ratings and communication with the driver.
  • “On-Demand” Efficiency: Increase efficiency and delivery time by utilizing automatic dispatch decisions. Based on your set business rules, the system will find the right driver at any given time

About the Company

With its on-demand delivery platform, Bringg gives businesses the tools to achieve on-demand efficiency and provide their customers with the "Uber-like" delivery experience they expect. Bringg's dispatch platform, driver management functionality, tracking capabilities, and real time customer notifications offers the tools businesses need to level-up in the on-demand era.

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