Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

TXT Retail


Free up valuable time for your planners by using powerful automated routines and algorithms to automatically create and manage your plan. Forecasting preseason helps provide highly accurate baseline projections at any level of the hierarchy to create first level demand plans. Data Profiling allows your team to quickly model new stores and products, clean up historical aberrations, rephase promotions and prepare the basis for next season planning cycle with high productivity. 

TXT Retail Planning specific approach to forecasting, combines algorithms, attribute based forecasting and the extensive use of patterns. The solution provides all of the capabilities to accurately forecast basics as well as short lifecycle and lumpy demand products based on focus forecasting techniques with the selection of the best match algorithms for each products specific characteristics.

Forecasts can be assessed against financial goals to identify potential gaps and can be dynamically re-adjusted as and when required. Insights into demand trends can be then translated within the tool to affect other planning activities, including merchandise, assortment, allocation and replenishment decisions. 


  • Increased Sales: better forecast accuracy ensures inventory is in the right place in readiness for the predicted sales peaks.
  • Reduced Markdowns: Improved visibility to the projected lifecycle of items, you can decide on how long to hold off applying markdowns to maximize full price opportunities.
  • Improved Collaboration: through the sharing of the single forecast with multiple stakeholders; allocation, merchandising, planning and even vendors.

About the Company

Founded in 1989, TXT e-solutions is a international software products and solutions vendor, leader in “Strategic Enterprise Solutions”.
The company has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange – STAR segment (TXT.MI) - since July 2000 and has about 600 employees. Consolidated 2014 revenues are € 55.9 million.
TXT is based in Milan and has branches in Italy, Paris (F), Lyon (F), Wynyard (UK), Leicester (UK), Chemnitz (D), Halle (D), Barcelona (E), Toronto (CDN) and Sydney (AUS).
TXT is specialized in the most dynamic and agile markets with the highest degree of innovation and renewal that require state-of-the art solutions, where process and business play a fundamental role in growth and competiveness. To answer to customer’s needs TXT has always invested in technology and in business processes innovation, making this a cornerstone on which to build its success.

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