Dematic Solutions for Grocery

Dematic Solutions for Grocery



Dematic provides order fulfilment solutions for grocery retailers, ranging from small regional food chains to large national grocers, and can support low, medium, or high volume distribution requirements. These solutions are engineered to accommodate the specific distribution requirements of items sold in a grocery store, such as dry goods, fresh product, frozen, beverage, pharmacy and other merchandise. These system configurations can support retail store replenishment and e-commerce order fulfilment for pick up or home delivery. These intra-logistics systems often accommodate strategies for order assembly by store planogram, temperature controlled storage, peaks/valleys in order volume, controlled access to inventory, product tracking, order/inventory accuracy, and first-expired, first-out processing. Typical solutions are designed to optimise the processes involved with receiving, storage, put-away, replenishment, case and piece picking, consolidation, order packing, and truck loading, along with the ability to handle a variety of load types: cartons, trays, totes, bins, and poly bags.  

Automated Mixed Case Palletising (AMCAP)

  • The Ultimate in Automated Grocery Mixed Case Palletising

Automated Container Storage/Dynamic Replenishment

  • Maximum Capacity with Minimum Footprint

Automated Mixed Case Order Fulfilment

  • Rapid Fulfillment of Mixed Case Orders

Automated Pallet Transport and/or Storage (AGV)

  • Flexible, Scaleable and Real-Time Pallet Transportation and Storage

Batch Pick to Putwall / Sorter

  • High Volume Item Picking For Small to Medium Size Orders

Case Pick to Conveyor / Sorter

  • Reducing Your Cost per Case, One Case at a Time

Cross Docking

  • Fast, Accurate and Real-time Sortation of Inbound Goods

Directed Split Case Picking

  • Accurate and Efficient Piece Picking

Goods-to-Person Item Picking

  • Maximize Picker Efficiency with Over 1,000 Picks per Hour

High-Density Pallet ASRS

  • Optimised Storage and Throughput in Minimum Footprint

Layer Order Fulfilment

  • Layer Picking Made Easy

Item Picking to Conveyor (Zone Route)

  • Accurate and Efficient Piece Picking

Receiving & Putaway

  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility


  • Fast, Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

Voice Directed Pick-to-Pallet

  • Hands Free Case Picking Ensures Speed, Accuracy and Increased Safety


Dematic designs, develops and delivers solutions that optimise your supply chain, improve performance, and increase productivity. We understand your business’s economic drivers and are in sync with today’s constantly changing market trends. Our industry leading software and automation technologies will allow your organisation to be responsive to customer demands, labour challenges and asset and space utilisation requirements. With 50 years of robust design and delivery experience in Australia and New Zealand, Dematic solutions will strengthen and enhance your supply chain and catapult your organisation forward.

About the Company

Dematic is a global engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions. With a global knowledge network of more than 5,000 skilled logistics professionals, Dematic is able to provide customers with a unique perspective in world-class materials handling solution design. Our commitment to solution development, combined with engineering centers and manufacturing plants in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe, ensures Dematic has the range and capability to provide reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions globally. 

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