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Our multi-disciplinary approach means that you receive an insightful, resourceful, systematic solution for every in-store objective. What is your most urgent challenge right now? And what level of assistance do you require? Pudik can serve as an extension to your marketing department, offer support on an as-needed basis, or function as a full-service partner for all of your in-store marketing.

We can be strategic, tactical, creative, technical, practical – whatever you need, whenever you need it. As we embark on your critical in-store mission, be assured that we will work closely with you every step of the way. Our online tools will be used to collaborate, communicate and efficiently manage every detail.


  • Package design, brand identity, environment branding, and digital branding. 

About the Company

Pudik is a forward-thinking design company that launches, promotes, improves and extends brand identities and products at the point of sale. Simply put, we offer an integrated practice to help you achieve your in-store marketing objectives. And we know that it is not “what we do” that matters, but rather “what you need” that is most important:

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