Design & Manufacturing Services

Design & Manufacturing Services

2KS Design


Since 1999, 2KS Design has been providing design and manufacturing services for clients in the retail, hospitality, service and interior design community. With experience comes efficiency. We know how to set the best path for your projects, from concept, through the design process, into manufacturing and finally, if necessary, installation.  

Working with our broad network of local and national manufacturers, there is very little that we cannot have made for your projects. We love a challenge. Allow us to provide our years of success to the your next project. 


  • ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Creating fun and exciting spaces is what we love to do. Leveraging our skills allows us to take your projects from the drawing board through to installation. A single store location or seventy, we been there and know how to get it done for you, on time and on budget. 
  • FIXTURES & FURNITURE: We cut our teeth designing fixtures, furnishings, lighting and accessories for the home and office. Keeping it fun and functional, with on eye on the bottom line, is what keeps our clients coming back.
  • POP UPS: Finding solutions for fast tracking pop-up projects is a blast. Got a great product with a small marketing budget that’s going into a small space were you want to get maximum exposure? We know how to get it done.

About the Company

2KS Design is a San Francisco Bay Area based multitasking design studio. We’re obsessed with the design and fabrication of spaces, fixtures, furniture and products for the home and office. Established in 1999 by Chris Tewksbury, our studio is dedicated to the craft of design. We work on the premise that less is more, but were not stuffy about it. As our retail environments, fixtures and products for kids shows, we know that good design can, and should, put a smile on your face.

Our years of experience mean that we not only know how to produce outstanding design work, but we also know how to get it made. Working with local and national manufacturing partners, we’re proud of our “Made in America” credentials.

Design is our passion. Contact us to share the love. 

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