Designer Series

Designer Series

Aila Technologies, Inc.


DESIGNER SERIES - Beautifully designed and robustly engineered, Aila’s Designer Series delivers the compelling shopping experiences customers want with the security and functionality retailers need. 


  • Eye-catching & Interactive: Create an engaging and interactive experience that complements your brand
  • Cross Platform: The Designer Series integrates seamlessly with iPad Gen 2, 3, 4, & Air; Android and Windows (available upon request) to empower associates and provide richer interactions with customers 


  • Customize the Designer Series with a payments module that makes it a sleek and functional POS device as well as a clienteling tool.



The Designer Series is available with a variety of mounts to suit your table or floor configuration, plus Aila’s signature security lock and integrated power/charging functions. 


Select colors, graphics, and mounts to fit your store. 


The Designer Series adapts to your needs, with the easy addition of credit card readers (MSR & EMV) and barcode scanners. 


Associates can manage the power state and switch apps easily without opening the dock, and the lock is swiftly disengaged when needed.

About the Company

Aila makes devices that enable retailers to create exceptional shopping experiences. Aila transforms Apple's familiar mobile products into powerful retail tools by adding proprietary barcode imaging technology and store-ready design. The products not only lead the market, they’re changing the way brands and customers interact in brick-and-mortar stores. Aila is sparking the integration of tablets and mobile devices into the retail environment and helping brands meet customers where they are—in the aisles​.

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