Hello developers! Use our specialized computer vision APIs to bring intelligence to your apps. 
Image recognition APIs

With Deepomatic API, integrate the power of deep learning and computer vision into your own project. We provide you with ready-to-use fashion and furniture detection API, as well as a visual search engine. And if our public API is not exactly what you are looking for, contact us to get your very own private API, tailored to your use-case.



Visual search engine

  • Send your catalogue of images to our visual search engine, send a new image and get the exact same or most similar content available in your catalogue.
  • Perfect for fashion product recommendation, similar search for stock photos, movie poster recognition. 

Specialised detection APIs

  • Send an image and detect the location of fashion products, or pieces of furniture.
  • Coming soon: street objects detection, weapon detection, and more... Stay tuned!

About the Company

We are the Image Intelligence Company. 

At Deepomatic, our mission is to help businesses solve complex image-related problems by building end-to-end computer vision systems. Deepomatic delivers a complete set of inter-connected services ranging from human annotation, model training to deployment, that together form a powerful, scalable and flexible computer vision programming platform.

By fully addressing our customers problems while relentlessly improving our platform, we get the opportunity to impact businesses on an ever larger scale. Deepomatic aims at becoming the backbone of business image recognition.

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