Digital Commerce Platform

Digital Commerce Platform



Choose a digital commerce partner with an unparalleled commitment to creating innovative retail technology solutions. That’s exactly what we did when we acquired Tacit Knowledge in 2013, adding digital consultancy expertise to our portfolio of services. With a relentless focus on Silicon Valley engineering best-practices, we solve complex technical challenges that can get in the way of a great customer experience.

We know the needs of online merchants inside-out. Our platform-agnostic approach and exacting analysis guides just-right investments — allowing you to explore, evolve, and enrich your commerce strategy.

From enterprise software development and integration to peak optimization and support, we address the entire ecosystem of your digital commerce property. Mobile, social, international, niche-to-high-capacity retail — we’ve got you covered. Agile development and actionable data allow you to analyze, adapt, and outpace the competition.


  • Technology, consulting, development & integration, hosting & managed services, and end-to-end commerce.

About the Company

Newgistics, a leading provider of e-commerce services for top retailers and brands offers a true end-to-end e-commerce solution. We integrate the most agile, enterprise tier omni-channel commerce software in the industry with order fulfillment, parcel delivery and returns management. By seamlessly connecting every step in the process, Newgistics is able to provide merchants with a single view of their customers, products and orders across the entire order life cycle.

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