Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing



We enable confident decision-making by providing KPIs and accurate data regarding marketing spend

Beabloo Digital Marketing solution is scalable, easy to use and simple to deploy. It provides marketers with a set of visually compelling dashboards that help to track performance and improve ROI. 

Our lightweight and easy-to-deploy platform provides retailers with marketing metrics for calculating the in-store effects of promotional activities, offline sales funnels, in-store performance metrics and footfall patterns.

Based on Wi-Fi and BLE beacon technology, our marketing and engagement features enable you to build rich online–offline customer profiles and engage customers via their smartphones.


Optimize advertising spend

  • Accurate analysis of in-store marketing impact allows you to focus on effective campaigns. 

Strenghten Better Marketing Impact

  • Store-by-store metrics allow broader marketing to drive the right kind of footfall. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Optimized data and analytics provide important marketing metrics for physical stores as they do for online stores. 

Increased Average Store Performance

  • Analyzing data for individual stores bridges potential performance gaps. 

About the Company

Beabloo is a technology company specializing in a combination of multi-channel digital marketing and big data for retail environments and establishments working directly with the public. Beabloo's marketing solutions enable its clients, whether they are stores, shopping malls, universities, airports, hotels or exhibition centers, to send information to their visitors or users, and learn about their behavior and interaction within the establishment. At the same time, big data solutions analyze the large volume of data generated each day in these areas, in order to improve the quality of the services provided. The Beabloo solution allows for dynamic and engaging digital content to be shown, capturing the attention of the public giving businesses a competitive advantage. Also, its digital marketing software includes an advanced audience analysis system. Beabloo has developed a tool and utilities based on Wi-Fi and Video Analytics, which helps retailers to identify, analyze, and react to consumer behavior through face detection, detection of mobile phones, etc.

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