Digital Shopping Advisor

Digital Shopping Advisor

Zensar Technologies


Customers are pressed for time and prefer to spend the least possible time in store to make a product selection. When a customer walks in to your store they are indecisive about the products they wish to purchase either because they are confused with the variety of products on display or the merchandise is not easily noticed by them or there is limited sales personnel involvement in assisting the customer to make their selection. Digital shopping advisor helps enhance in-store experience for your customers by allowing them to browse the products that are available in stores, select coordinates that go well with the identified product as well as communicate with store staff directly from the Store fitting rooms. This ultimately enables a smoother selection process, faster shopping time and increased customer satisfaction as well as creating opportunities for the retailers to upsell more products and reduces missed sales.


  • Directly Boost up & cross selling.
  • Fast Response to customers' needs.
  • Enhance Efficiency of sales personnel Reduce OPEX.

About the Company

Zensar Technologies is among the top software services providers from India, with industry expertise spans across Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Insurance. With 8000+ associates, Zensar has sales and operations presence across US, UK, Middle East, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, China and Australia. 

The Company delivers comprehensive services in mission-critical applications, Digital Enterprise, Enterprise Solutions, Business Process Management, Infrastructure Management and Knowledge Services. The Company supports Fortune 500 clients with software business solutions that help them compete in the digital economy. 

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