Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health

Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health



Proven digital program to prevent, treat, and manage perinatal + postpartum depression & anxiety. Mevoked uses technology and psychological science to improve the emotional wellness of new and expecting mothers. Pregnancy and new motherhood is hard. We want to help you through the tough stuff so you can be the best possible you and focus on what's important. Let's work together to keep you emotionally healthy.



  • PATIENTS: Your secure data is used by the Mevoked software to trigger reminders, nudges, and interventions. You'll get help on all your devices, computer, mobile, and tablet. Get suggestions for behavior change in the moment. Access clinically validated treatment programs. Get a weekly summary. Share with your physician or your loved ones.
  • PHYSICIANS: Patient data is summarized in a clinical dashboard making it easy to manage all your patients. The data you see is simplified to let you focus on what you do best: serving your patients. Automated reminders, intervention popups or educational content can be pushed.
  • HEALTHCARE PARTNERS: Patient data can be used to drive better outcomes by: increasing patient satisfaction, improving medication adherence, and preventing postpartum depression. Our services will help with ensuring good service utilization and cost-savings in the long-run by addressing risk factors before they become a problem.

About the Company

Mevoked is building digital therapeutics for mental health (one of Entrepreneur's 100 Brilliant Companies for 2014). The base technology is an analytics platform that correlates online, mobile and social data to behavioral health. We have a clinical partnership with Mayo Clinic to use the platform for patients who have been diagnosed with depression. The first products we are launching is focused on pregnancy particularly around mood management & postpartum depression (PPD). We envision Mevoked working in a dual capacity, the patient data collection product being used for 2 weeks which would help in diagnosis, essentially using it as an assessment tool. After that the "therapeutic" a 6 week program built on Mevoked incorporating behavioral aspects from successful PPD cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs. Eventually we see Mevoked creating digital therapeutics that focus on the mental health side of disease management, disrupting a half a trillion dollar market.

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