Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

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Maintaining control over product received at the store backdoor is crucial.  Using the BRdata DSD (Direct Store Delivery) system, users can instantly and easily verify that the costs, allowances, quantities, and products received are what is expected from the vendor.

Smooth flow of DSD will increase the speed of receiving for both the store and vendor, ensure accurate inventories and correct cost/retail maintenance.  Allowing you to know exactly what is being received and at what cost at the time of delivery is an essential tool that will contribute significantly to the profitability of your retail grocery operations.


  • Unauthorized items can automatically be detected to only allow the receiving of items you wish to carry.
  • From any network printer, immediately print invoices that will reflect vendor deal information.  Eliminate pricing discrepancies by comparing these invoices to the vendor’s invoices.
  • Consolidate multiple invoices and export the information directly to many of the accounts payable systems.
  • Import electronic invoices from wholesalers.
  • Run various summary and recap reports.
  • Import DEX invoices.
  • Can operate in a thin-client environment to connect the handhelds to the host system’s database.  If a vendor’s item is authorized at host, it can immediately be recognized by the store systems.
  • Can be used with the Document Linking Module which allows users to scan invoice hardcopies for a paperless office solution.

About the Company

BRdata is a software development company and systems integrator of open architecture software applications, providing totally integrated business solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and grocery store chains.

BRdata offers software solutions for retailers. Software applications including hosting, in-store systems, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, and BRdata Cloud and Connect. Reach your customers before, during, and after they shop with the BRdata Connect branded consumer app. Access reporting from anywhere, anytime, on any device with BRdata Cloud.

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Company Size:  11-50 employees
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