Display Design & Manufacturing

Display Design & Manufacturing

Wire Worx Displays Inc.


Wire Worx Displays is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing point of purchase displays.

With over 40 years of experience our team will work with you in evaluating and developing the best merchandising solutions for your product. Many factors go into designing an effective merchandiser. Product knowledge, shopper/consumer awareness, retail insight, trends and innovations, look and structure, layout, ease of assembly, material efficiencies with a low carbon foot print (Sustainability), high impact graphics, location, space requirements, finishes and so on. Our team will begin with having a clear understanding of your goals, your product, your customer and your company. This knowledge allows us to design and manufacture the perfect merchandiser for a winning end result which will ultimately increased sales. We are totally committed to service excellence.


  • Develop & Design: We execute to develop the ideas and creative that fit our recommendation. We work with you to decide the right Merchandiser, based on look, functionality, overall visual and strategic direction your final merchandiser will take at retail level.
  • Manufacturing: In the manufacturing phase, we build the final product. Our state of the art facilities are capable of a comprehensive array of production methods such as; Laser cutting, CNC 3D wire forming, CNC mesh welding, Robotic welders, Tube cutting and forming, and Wood & Plastic equipment.
  • Execution: We have an offsite warehousing and distribution centre which enables us to allow our clients the flexibility of warehousing, drop shipping, co packing, and amalgamating shipments.

About the Company

Wire Worx Displays is an industry leader in design and manufacturing of point of purchase displays. 

With 35 years of experience in P.O.P. design. A privately owned Canadian company and still operating by its founding owners with a strong family content. 

Wire Worx has invested heavily into state-of-the-art equipment, this latest technology while maintaining sustainability and a low carbon footprint. 

Wire Worx greatest achievements come from our clients, or as we call them “Our Partners In Success”. We build a relationship on trust and reliability, our partners in success have the utmost confidence in us.

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