Shift4 Corporation


Shift4 provides the world’s most comprehensive payment gateway, DOLLARS ON THE NET®, to more than 33,000 merchants across North America. Boasting 20+ years in the payments industry and 100% bank and processor neutrality, Shift4 helps omni-channel merchants lower their payment processing rates while offering unrivaled speed, security, and reliability. Since inventing tokenization in 2005, Shift4 has successfully processed more than 6 billion tokenized transactions.

Shift4 has been processing EMV transactions in Canada since 2010 and supports U.S. EMV with nearly every major processor. Shift4’s technologies work with leading payment terminals, which support EMV, NFC, and Shift4’s point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution to prevent sensitive cardholder data (CHD) from entering a merchant’s payment systems.

Shift4’s mobile payment solution, VT4®, turns any Internet-connected device into a P2PE-capable point of sale, allowing merchants to securely accept payments anywhere, anytime.


  • Advanced accounting and auditing features allow merchants to centrally manage transactions across locations and reduce processing costs
  • Layered security solutions ensure that merchants don’t store, process, or transmit card data, leaving nothing for hackers to steal
  • Complete bank and processor neutrality and connections with hundreds of systems providers means we can accommodate any business

About the Company

Shift4 stands alone as the last major player in the payments space to remain independent, self funded, and merchant focused. Our DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway comes with all the bells and whistles: pre- and post-settlement auditing, fraud controls, support for new technologies like EMV and mobile, secure connections to nearly every major bank and processor in North America, and 350+ certified integrations to leading POS, PMS, and e-commerce platforms. Shift4 invests heavily in payment security – we invented tokenization and own eight payment-security patents. We empower our 33,000+ merchant customers with the flexibility to customize our secure payment processing solutions to fit their business. Learn more at

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