Drones for Agriculture

Drones for Agriculture



Agribotix is the agricultural intelligence company that provides fully supported, user-friendly, drone-enabled technologies and services developed exclusively for agriculture.

Our solutions are designed to deliver real value for farmers — reducing crop inputs, boosting yields, and increasing profits. We make it easy for you to succeed with agricultural intelligence services. Whether you fly your own agricultural drone in combination with our FarmLens™ data processing service or choose one of our complete drone and data processing solutions, we’re here to support you.

Essential Precision Tools to Start or Expand Your Precision Program

Precision equipment provides the ability to optimize inputs and to drive down costs. Agribotix drone-enabled solutions are cost-effective, core tools in any precision agriculture program. Whole-field, in-season, current condition data is one of the most valuable pieces of information in a precision program. With this data from agricultural drones (also called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs), a farmer can spot problems early and rapidly select appropriate interventions. From precision fertilizer application to boost yield, to optimizing input to reduce costs, to avoiding crop losses through early identification and precision intervention, to early assessment after weather events, growers can expect to see increased profits at harvest time. Drone-enabled agricultural intelligence is the data that drives precision

End The Drone Data Processing Bottleneck With The Farm Lens™ Service

The FarmLens data processing and analytics service is available at two subscription levels, Basic and Pro. A white label version is also available for agricultural drone service providers that would like to offer the service to their customers.


  • Agricultural Intelligence Made Easy
  • Cloud-based processing saves time; no costly software or computer required
  • Easy to read, reliable, and repeatable results – using your drone or ours
  • Demonstrable value with compelling ROI
  • Intuitive reports designed for farm applications and precision equipment
  • Knowledgeable, friendly customer service –100% dedicated to agriculture

About the Company

Agribotix delivers agricultural intelligence to increase yields and profits using drone-enabled technologies. Agribotix provides a turn-key solution: ultra-reliable drone platforms coupled with cloud-based data analysis that results in affordable and timely images and maps of  fields. Customers rely on Agribotix to provide actionable intelligence that results in reduced inputs, improved yield and increased profits.

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