Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization


Groovinads provides Advertises and Agencies with DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) services. GroovinAds is a platform used to create and serve intelligent dynamic ads that will show the right offer and or message to each user, in every impression boosting clicks and conversions.
Using our sophisticated intelligence algorithms we boost your campaigns results optimizing sales and return on investment.
Our service is easy to set up! Just three steps and your ads will be ready to run. Save hundreds of production hours just by embracing the dynamic creative


GroovinAds is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that will let you create dynamic banners, connect these banners to your product feed and serve these banners with the intelligence to show the right set of products to the each user.

This banners work as a web page, displaying different products from your site that will link to their own landing pages. These products are selected in real-time in each impression based on segmentation methods such as contextual, geo, behavioral, look-alike, re-targeting and other types of segmentation that will depend on your business model.

By installing our re-targeting and conversion pixels in your site, our service can get feedback from the transactions taking place and optimize these automatically in order to boost sales.

The way our service works is:
1 You create the banners in our platform. The banner creation process produces a banner TAG (it's a piece of HTML 5 code).
2 You send this TAG to the network you are buying traffic from.
3 The ads start showing and boosting your sales!


GroovinAds’s powerful features

1 Time of the day
Deliver different messages based on the time of the day

2 Weather
Relate your product offering to the changes in the weather

3 Device
Target users per device showing custom messages and ad designs

4 Geo-Location
Adapt your offering based on the user's geo-location information

5 Large stock
Show the right set of products to each user even if your stock is large.

6 Contextual segmentation
Relate the content in your ad to the content the user is browsing

7 Re-targeting
Customize your message based on your user's previous navigation on your site

8 Audience matching
Integrate DMP data and customize messages per audience segment

9 Conversion optimization
Automatically optimize the content in your ads to boost your sales

10 Data integration
Change your message based on any third party data feed

11 Campaign flight control
Campaign automation, set campaigns to automatically run always-on or per hour or day

12 Reporting
Get all the reports you need from tag level report to offer level report

About the Company

GroovinAds has been in the adtech space since 2010. Now based in New York, we are working for some of the main performance advertisers such as Ebay, Hertz, Copa Airlines. 
The dynamic creative optimization service has been used by advertisers all over the world. DSPs and Networks such as Mediamath, Google and Miscrosoft have awarded GroovinAds with Certifications as an aproved Third Party Ad Serving platform. Appnexus has directly integrated GroovinAds as a DCO service in their own App marketplace.