Dynamic Display Solutions

Dynamic Display Solutions

Displaydata, Ltd


With our advanced dynamic digital display solution, you can manage your omni-channel pricing and promotions strategy with speed, agility and consistency. You'll improve both the shopping experience and your profits - quickly, easily and securely.


  • Increase profit and reduce waste with fully graphic ESLs.
  • Agility to update pricing and promotions information in seconds.
  • Full control and visibility of the information displayed across your stores.

About the Company

Displaydata (formerly ZBD Solutions) is a world leader in the design and supply of Dynamic Digital Display solutions incorporating the latest electronic shelf labels (ESL), Bluetooth LE Beacons and digital displays combined with a leading infrastructure and software platform. 

Being rapidly deployed worldwide by major clients in the retail, healthcare and office signage markets, our product portfolio delivers fully addressable electronic paper for the display of product, patient or facilities information. 

Supporting labour free fast changes with a low total cost of ownership and a clear and tangible return on investment. Displaydata's solution removes the need for traditional paper labelling, providing retailers with a cost effective and efficient way to manage pricing, product and promotional information at the point of purchase. 

The solution is extremely light touch requiring no wires or cable to be installed. Displaydata combines high definition zero-powered, bistable LCD displays with a simple two-way communications device that wirelessly updates individual displays, an entire shop floor or a whole retail estate. Retailers are fully empowered with the ability to change all product information at the shelf edges, not just the price, dynamically.

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