Dynamic Pricer

Dynamic Pricer

Upstream Commerce


Base your pricing practices not just on internal drivers, but also on competitors’ moves. The online retail market has become hyper-competitive, with product assortment expanding dramatically, and with adjustments occurring on a real-time basis. As a result, traditional pricing and demand prediction practices are coming up short. Reinvigorate these practices with Dynamic Pricer from Upstream Commerce.


  • Automate manual pricing processes.
  • Manage a competitive pricing strategy while achieving financial objectives.
  • Realize specific pricing opportunities created in the market.

About the Company

Upstream Commerce transforms how retailers around the world grow sales and boost margins through real-time competitive insights, smarter pricing and optimal product assortment. By delivering automated, real-time intelligence and analytics, we help companies across more than 15 retailing categories develop, implement and continuously enhance pricing, merchandising, promotion and lifecycle management. Many of the most innovative retailers in the world, including Staples, Toys-R-Us, Shoebuy, Woodcraft and eBags, rely on Upstream Commerce for retail intelligence.

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