E-Commerce Retailer Solutions

E-Commerce Retailer Solutions

Content Analytics, Inc.


With tens of thousands or even millions of SKUs, making sure that an online product catalog is complete and enticing to consumers is no easy task.

With Content Analytics, retailers know not only what they need to do, but also what to tackle first.


  • Take action using our insights. We give you actionable insights and set the priority for tasks.
  • Handle unlimited amounts of data.: Whether you’re optimizing thousands or millions of SKUs, Content Analytics’ automated system is highly accurate, repeatable, and scalable to your company’s needs—and can handle unlimited amounts of data.
  • Manage your workflow. Once we’ve identified the products to optimize, we help you track your team’s tasks and follow-up steps, how each product performs after optimization, and if it passes our content-quality checks.


About the Company

Content Analytics’ e-commerce analytics platform provides brands and online retailers with the insights they need to optimize their product listings, so they rank higher and are more visible in e-commerce search results, boosting sales. 

For e-commerce sites with tens of thousands—or even millions—of product pages, it can be exceedingly difficult to manually update just a fraction of those listings. They need automated tools and actionable recommendations to optimize across their entire online inventory of product listings. Similarly, brands selling though hundreds of sites need these same tools to make sure their products have the best chance of being seen and purchased. And as e-commerce grows, all need a way to do so across multiple languages and platforms, remaining current with constant site updates, dealing with potential inventory issues and positioning against competitive listings. 

Our proprietary technology continually crawls retailer websites worldwide, monitoring how our clients’ products are ranking, alerting them when there's an issue and recommending ways to improve their search visibility and content quality. Through our SaaS platform, clients can identify the precise areas where they can make marked improvements – from adjusting the product descriptions, to adding images and videos, boosting consumer reviews, to ensuring their product listings are mobile friendly. We also provide daily, weekly and monthly scorecards that tell brands how they’re performing against their competitors.

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