E-commerce Solution

E-commerce Solution

Knighted, an Intelligrated Company


Intelligrated is able to combine best-fit innovative equipment with real-time software intelligence to create tailored systems that help online and multichannel retailers meet increasing consumer demand to shop anywhere at any time with fast, accurate shipments and outstanding customer service. With solutions for operations shipping anywhere from 1,000 orders per day to more than 150,000 orders per day, Intelligrated e-commerce solutions optimize fulfillment execution.


  • Increased orders per day and lines per hour.
  • Reduced labor and touches.
  • Improved order accuracy.

About the Company

Knighted, an Intelligrated Company, is a leading single-source provider of fulfillment execution systems, with a comprehensive suite of warehouse management (WMS), warehouse control (WCS), order fulfillment, labor management and supply chain business intelligence software. Knighted software solutions deliver optimized execution of fulfillment operations through adaptive, task-driven workflows and real-time, constant analysis of inventory, labor, process and equipment information. Knighted combines unique software and order picking innovations with proven customer support to provide scalable, modular solutions for single-facility operations and multi-site enterprises worldwide. 

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