E-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce Solution

Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI)


CASI is a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for e-commerce and mail order fulfillment operations. As a machine builder and integrator we have developed a variety of solutions tailored specifically for e-commerce including fully automated bagging & mailing equipment coupled with mail sortation systems. 


  • Our SolidSuite software will help you improve your picking and packing processes, and our manifest solutions will pay for themselves by optimizing carrier costs and minimizng materials expense.

About the Company

CASI manufactures and integrates a full line of cutting edge material handling systems for manufacturers and distributors. Our automation systems include shipping systems, in-motion scales, sortation, box opening, order picking, receiving, as well as software and controls. 

CASI utilizes a pre-engineered approach to systems integration that is unique in our industry. We set up all our systems at our facility and work out any issues before shipping the system to the customer for final installation. Our approach prevents costly downtime that can be painful for your operation and guarantees our systems go in smoothly.

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