Easy Product Upload

Easy Product Upload



Instantly move products from shelf to the Internet.

1. Snap: Snap a photo of the product you want to sell including labels and packaging for text recognition

2. Describe: Use recognized texts or type to add details. You may also scan a barcode or dictate

3. Share: Publish a unique interlinked post across your social network and marketplaces profiles in one tap


  • An item is online in just 90 seconds.
  • Multiple e-commerce channels in one tap.
  • Usable between walk-in clients (or really when you want).

About the Company

Nembol makes it fast, easy and free for retailers to publish their products online. We produce a software system that makes it easy to generate product digital assets such as photographs, text descriptions and pricing, and compose a product card that can be automatically published on multiple online selling and advertising channels. 

Nembol is the ultimate product-sharing tool for any seller. Currently available for iOS and Android.

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