eCommerce Analytics

eCommerce Analytics



eCommerce platforms are sophisticated mission-critical systems that must deliver a phenomenal user experience across all channels, process thousands of product searches per second, and withstand a massive surge of traffic on Black Friday. They also have to rapidly evolve to keep up with industry innovations. Qubell radically simplifies and accelerates the development, testing and deployment of eCommerce applications for the biggest eCommerce sites in the world.


  • Integrate CI tool like Jenkins with Qubell to keep your changes moving through a pipeline of tests executed in different environments.
  • Now developers can spin up multi-node ATG sandboxes – complete with Endeca, loaded with test data and connected to external services or their stubs on demand.
  • Qubell’s autonomic management platform can deliver individual updates or complex multi-component upgrades and invoke a set of health checks to verify success.

About the Company

Qubell provides the first autonomic application management platform for cloud applications. Qubell empowers developers and operations teams to turn their applications into self-managed entities that will adapt, configure, heal and protect themselves in response to changes within dynamic cloud environments. Founded by a team of application automation and cloud computing experts in 2012, Qubell is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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