eCommerce Consultant Solutions

eCommerce Consultant Solutions



Today’s digital commerce and omnichannel retail environment can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned professionals. Yesterday’s “best practice” is today’s old news. Today’s “nice to have” is tomorrow’s “can’t live without”.

Every day FitForCommerce helps businesses like yours overcome challenges and increase profits. Through our consulting and Diligence Framework, our ecommerce and omnichannel experts help you BUILD the right foundation, GROW your existing business and ACCELERATE to the next level. Our ecommerce and omnichannel retail consulting engagements span across companies of all shapes, sizes and verticals ranging from retailers, brand manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors and investors.


  • Benchmarking and thorough research.
  • Data-driven decision-making.
  • Strategic through to hands-on tactical consulting.

About the Company

FitForCommerce provides tools and expertise that help eCommerce businesses articulate requirements, leverage best practices, discern market offerings, and choose technology solutions that best fit their business needs. Our unique eCommerce Diligence program ensures rigorous evaluation and knowledged-based decisions. 

We launched the industry's first and most comprehensive eCommerce knowledge base, eCommerce Know-How, in January of 2009. With access to thousands of best practices, feature evaluations, expert know-how and solution provider insights, online retailers and B2B eCommerce managers have what they need to make informed decisions and stay competitive. eCommerce Know-How content is specific, actionable and organized to help eCommerce marketers and managers get to the in-depth info they need - all in one place - saving time and effort. 

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