eCommerce for TV

eCommerce for TV

Von Bismark


At Von Bismark HQ we are using the two years experience we have from building our physical web products, like the Von Bismark Wardrobe, to bring eCommerce to the TV. We are delighted to announce that The Mall platform will be rolling out this year – first stop Xbox One!


  • Pioneers of eCommerce for TV.

About the Company

Von Bismark is the next generation of retail. Through interfaces that allow consumers to interact with their favourite items from a few feet away we create true Multi-Channel. From these interactions we mine biometric and demographic information, favourite items and digital signatures, which means retailers can target consumers with much more targeted data across all channels. Von Bismark reduces costs and returns and increases customer retention and sales. Working with some of the worlds largest bluechip companies we are rolling out our suite of solutions in 2012. 

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