Eligibility Verification for Exclusive, Protected Offers

Eligibility Verification for Exclusive, Protected Offers



SheerID's eligibility verification solutions make it possible for companies to extend exclusive offers to targeted markets without risking discount fraud or margin erosion. SheerID instantly verifies military, students, teachers, and other customer segments online, in-store, and via mobile. Our verification platform utilizes real-time, authoritative data to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate results on the market.


Increase the conversion rate of your shopping cart:

  • Your customer is verified instantly in your shopping experience
  • Your customer stays in your shopping experience

Increase ROI:

  • Reach new customer segments with targeted offers marketed widely
  • Develop loyal customers with relevant messaging to affinity groups
  • Eliminate discount fraud by protecting your offers

Develop a competitive advantage:

  • Market your offers more widely knowing they are protected from fraud
  • Reach your target market with a direct, relevant message
  • Several of our clients use SheerID as a key competitive advantage

Go omnichannel with your offers:

  • Allow exclusive offer redemption in-store, online, on mobile, or through your call center
  • Remove verification responsibility from your in-store and call center employees
  • Create a smooth shopping experience for all your customers all the time

About the Company

SheerID provides a web service that lives at one of the busiest intersections of our day-to-day lives: where e-commerce meets discounts and exclusive offers. SheerID's instant identity verification platform allows merchants to offer discounts to specific groups. The SheerID platform quickly and easily allows people associated with any member group to secure discounts from merchants of every size and industry.  SheerID's eligibility verification platform seamlessly integrates with online shopping carts and can be customized to meet any verification needs. Our service virtually eliminates fraud while providing your customers with a painless checkout experience.

The SheerID team is ready to help you with a real-time verification at POS, via mobile, or online. By eliminating fraud with a behind the scenes platform, SheerID provides a secure way for your business to reach new customers through discounts or exclusive offers. Want to reach students, military, members of associations, unions, or want to launch a customer loyalty program? Give our team a call, and we will help you get started right away

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