Email Fraud Risk Assessment & ID Validation

Email Fraud Risk Assessment & ID Validation



The email address is more than just a way to get in touch. It’s a digital passport used in almost every online transaction. Using the email address as a core element, Emailage Risk Assessment returns a predictive fraud risk score which integrates seamlessly with your existing risk engine to optimize performance.

Our predictive online fraud risk scoring combines transactional risk assessment and identity validation. Our machine learning algorithm adapts to the most recent trends based on the feedback received from all of our partners. Through our Direct API or seamless integration with existing fraud platforms Emailage delivers customized, predictive scoring that fits any workflow.


Unlike data lookup services, Emailage Risk Assessment’s predictive scoring acts as an up-front layer of security. Using the email address, which is already collected in every online transaction, means global enterprises can reduce fraud risk and chargebacks without impacting customer experience. With a clear picture of who is behind a transaction, you can expedite approvals, prevent chargebacks, automate workflows and optimize manual review.

About the Company

Working with Fortune 500 financial institutions, merchants, businesses and organizations around the world Emailage’s products and solutions make everyday transactions easier, more efficient and more secure.

Based in Downtown, Chandler Arizona, with offices in Brazil, and the UK, Emailage plans to steadily grow and develop in key locations throughout the globe.

With a diverse team of sales, marketing and development, Emailage understands the demands of staying ahead of the game as fraud trends are ever evolving.