Emotionally Intelligent Operating System

Emotionally Intelligent Operating System



EQ-OS (Emotionally Intelligent Operating System): Market Making Opportunity

Our EQ-OS is a high EQ oriented, first-of-its-kind machine-learning SaaS (software as a service). What makes EQ-OS different than everyone else?

  • Persistent perception from heterogeneous, distributed and intermittent signals (voice, image, biometric, and sensor communications), so no context, condition nor emotion is missed for each individual.
  • Guided learning which means that no data scientists are necessary at runtime.
  • Unique person understandings which means best fit, possibilistic recommendations.
  • True user opt-in that yields mutually beneficial understandings and relations amongst people, places and things.

EQ-OS aligns long- and short-term goals with true, not general, understandings and relationships @work, @home, @life


  • ipvive is focused on understanding a person’s true, emotionally intelligent (EQ) mindset from communications, biometric, autonomic, and environmental signals automatically paired with sciences to objectively make both the individual and the world around them better.

About the Company

People. Understood. Instantly. 

Emotionally Intelligent Operating System 

Our EQ-OS adds automatic summarization and association with guided learning to uniquely understand people and deepen relationships, instantly. 

We are transforming the way businesses build relationships with their customers by pairing scientific theorems with an individual’s emotions, behaviors and environments data to generate actionable insights, dynamically. A SaaS, our EQ-OS: 

  • Integrates and expands best of breed point solutions into a unified Customer Understandings and Relationship System. 
  • Automatically summarizes and associates a user’s data and inputs with Guided Learning. 
  • Offers unequaled quality while being highly scalable.

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