End-To-End eGrocery Solution

End-To-End eGrocery Solution




Self-Point provides the very best online grocery experience:

  • Order picking is seamlessly integrated with your existing point of sale (POS) solution. It’s as if you scanned the item at the checkout counter!
  • Custom branded online grocery e-commerce site with pictures of each item and updated pricing directly from your current POS solution.
  • Tablet app and mobile app for instant picking and scanning of groceries.
  • Customers can order across all platforms including the website, mobile app and tablet.
  • Custom branded marketing package to promote your new online grocery store.
  • Detailed analytics of storewide sales and individual customer trends.


  1. POS Integration: Self-Point integrates with your current POS system. Your entire catalogue, with updated pricing, is instantly online. 
  2. Shop Online: Customers place their orders on your beautiful, branded and user friendly website or app. The order comes straight through to the picker’s tablet.
  3. Powerful Fulfilment Tool: The items are scanned from the tablet directly into your POS system as they are picked, and the order is ready to ship in 15 minutes or less.
  4. Fully Managed Catalog: Our clients don't need to worry about updating products in their websites. Our solution includes a fully managed catalog with more than 350,000 products.

About the Company

THE VISION: Self Point was founded in 2012 by a talented team with an extensive background in retail, POS software and e-commerce. Our mission is to bring all grocery stores online, regardless of their size - from local grocers to large supermarkets. 

THE NEED: The online grocery space is growing at a breakneck speed, with a number of analyst reports predicting an annual growth of 13% - 26% percent in the next few years. Grocers who are not online will find themselves struggling to survive against large chain supermarkets and emerging major players in the online grocery market. Small to medium size grocery stores wishing to go online face a number of challenges. Excessive costs and a prolonged, time-consuming process are just some of the deterrents. Furthermore, an online grocery, unlike other e-commerce sites, must list thousands of items and create a user-friendly shopping experience where customers can purchase multiple items in a short period of time

THE SOLUTION: Self-Point has created the solution that enables every grocery store to move online. We offer a state of the art online grocery platform, which integrates directly into your point of sale system. In a matter of days, groceries can have their full catalog available to their customers on an attractive, custom branded e-commerce site - no matter if it’s 100 items or 100,000! 

A perfect solution for our supermarket e commerce website / app that integrates with our point of sale A pleasure to deal with
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A perfect solution for our supermarket e commerce website / app that integrates with our point of sale A pleasure to deal with