Endcap Display Solution

Endcap Display Solution

Alpha Marketing, Inc.


Yoga Endcap Displays.

The Yoga is one of Lenovo's big success stories. To keep the momentum going, Lenovo introduced the Yoga 2 Pro — which one reviewer called "A laptop with one hell of a party trick."

With a flexible hinge that lets the screen rotate a full 360 degrees, it needed a sharp, smart point-of-purchase to quickly and clearly tell that story. ALPHA created a series of endcaps exclusively for Best Buy that do just that.


  • Flexible.
  • Rotates 360 degrees.

About the Company

We are specialists in developing Sales Enablement and Channel Marketing that is strategic, creative and produces value for our clients. 

As an innovative team of veterans coming from different backgrounds, we bring both breadth and depth to the sales and channel marketing table, collaborating towards one common goal: Opening the Way to Your Customer. 

Working with mid-size and enterprise-level businesses in a range of technology-related industries, we create powerful sales enablement and sales activation programs designed to empower and educate teams, sustain consistent messaging throughout the channel and drive bottom-line growth. 

What’s more: our size lends us the dexterity to offer customized and flexible solutions. We help you scale to meet growing demand and pivot in response to change – and in this fast-evolving landscape, adaptability is a must. 

Think of us as an extension of your in-house marketing department. With a full creative staff and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) empowering your partners through our combined resources and skills.

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