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Every day, thousands of hours and millions of dollars are spent on deciding who to hire, develop and retain. hiQ Labs helps CHROs and business leaders engage with the employees they have invested so much into attracting and developing.

We provide a crystal ball that helps you determine skills gaps or turnover risks months ahead of time, and a platform that shows you how and where to focus your efforts.

+ Manage attrition with Keeper 

Keeper is the first HCM tool to offer predictive attrition insights about an organization's employees based on publicly available data. The solution turns those attrition insights into consumable, easy-to-deploy action plans so HR and business leaders can retain their key talent.

By identifying risk early, addressing potential issues proactively, and deploying remedial actions quickly, Keeper drives immediate business impact across organizations - and provides a built-in feedback loop so you can communicate your retention win to management

+ Recruit vs. develop with Skill Mapper 

Skill Mapper was built for Talent Acquisition and Management teams facing the challenge of building workforce and succession plans without sufficient data on their employees' skill sets in their current HCM systems.

Because Skill Mapper is based on publicly available data, you can explore the full scope of your workforce's skills, including skills from previous and current roles. Our customers use Skill Mapper for workforce and succession planning, driving employee engagement by promoting internal mobility, and reducing the costs associated with external talent acquisition.


With Keeper

  • Analyze attrition risk across your entire workforce, from business units, to specific employee segments, and even to individual employees.
  • Stay ahead of costly, regrettable turnover by using a forward-looking, rather than backward-looking, indicator of attrition risk.
  • Customize your employee retention plans by understanding what specific external factors are driving attrition risk.
  • Use hiQ's actions library to create retention strategies tailored to help you keep specific top performing employees.
  • Save time for your managers by focusing their attention the most at-risk employees and segments.
  • Take an evidence-based approach to determining the most effective retention strategies for your company by tracking actions over time. 

 Recruit vs. develop with Skill Mapper

  • Discover your multitalented employees' hidden skills and skill sets.
  • Explore the skills that your employees are self-curating on the web and augment/update your company's database of employee competencies.
  • Identify your employees' hidden and adjacent skill sets, and leverage them as a tool for career development.
  • Find the best-fit job matches for employees seeking new opportunities at your company following a business transformation or restructuring.
  • Quickly identify which employees have similar skill sets to your top talent.
  • Map out the talent and competencies of multiple legacy organizations after a business combination.

About the Company

hiQ Labs is fundamentally changing the enterprise workforce by using predictive analytics to make sophisticated employee decisions. hiQ Labs' elite data teams apply data-driven science to the evolution and development of your workforce and individual employees work lives.​

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