Exit pop-up - Magento Extension

Exit pop-up - Magento Extension



Magento Exit pop-up module by Knowband helps to detect the user's behavior to prompt them with the targeted discount message at the precise moment when they are about to leave the e-commerce store. The whole process can be done by tracking the moment of the mouse cursor.

Magento Email Subscription pop-up helps to convert the visitors of the store into customers. This will help you to increase the conversion rate and reduces the exit rate of the store. The discount offered by this pop-up gives them compelling a reason to return back on the store and to make some purchase from the store.
Magento Email Subscription pop-up offers the functionality of MailChimp Integration. MailChimp Integration provides the functionality to sync the email id with the Admin account with the help of this the store Admin can send the emails about existing offers or for the promotional campaign.

Magento store Admin can also set the terms and conditions offered by the Magento Exit pop-up EXtension as well as the cookie life for the pop-up.


  • Magento Exit pop-up by Knowband offers a setting to enable/disable the pop-up with the help of an admin panel.
  • Magento Email Subscription pop-up offers an option to change the look and feel of the store. Magento store Admin can easily change the theme of the store according to the requirement of the store.
  • Magento Exit-Intent pop-up provides an option to managerial discount settings. Magento store Admin can change the discount coupons according to the requirement of the store.
  • Magento Exit-Intent Subscription pop-up gives the detailed report about this module through which the store Admin can easily make the changes in store.
  • Magento store Admin can cover the huge number of audience with the help of Multi-lingual feature of this module.
  • Magento Email Subscription pop-up offers compatibility with devices like mobile, laptops and tablets.
  • Magento Subscription pop-up offers support with MailChimp Integration through which the Admin can directly send the offers to the subscribed email id.

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