Experience - Zegura Intelligence solution for Loyalty Programs

Experience - Zegura Intelligence solution for Loyalty Programs



In an increasingly transparent operating environment, retailers must find innovative ways to advance the consumer experience as a means of competitive differentiation. Being found and being remembered are the two objectives to capitalize on in brick and mortar. When a business stands out in their market, their consumers can easily find them and because they have differentiated their business the consumer will remember them and return.

For the most part, consumer loyalty systems have been around for quite some time now. Many of them have great offerings by the same token many of them are very different from one another. The one thing that does hold true amongst most loyalty solutions is that they all use a Nearable sensor, BLE, NFC or RFID, Email, text and of course Mobile. Some have explored IoT devices on the network for example alarm macros through a CCTV camera or EAS/RFID system at an entrance.

The problem is the lack of real-time automation within the store with verification of the enrolled loyal customer. Albeit there are countless Beacon applications available. There are also countless reasons why these systems have not been the most advantages due to integration shortfalls with the critical applications to make it all work together. We saw an opportunity to introduce something very exciting to retailers called “Experience.”

“Experience” is the only Biometric Consumer Loyalty solution in the world that incorporates 3-dimensional face detection to analyze and detect through a novel neural network. You will be amazed at the speed, accuracy, and scale at which Zegura's solution can perform. Our SDK makes it simple for any third party platform to integrate seamlessly into the system. We provide various methods of communicating the existence of a new Facial Recognition, such as HTTP GET, HTTP POST, and network aware file writes.

Now imagine being able to provide a brand new experience to your customers the moment they set foot in your stores. Connecting “Experience” to digital signage that can pop up a Happy Birthday animation for a customer that is celebrating. Automate the in-store employee to meet greet as part of a macro event created in the system that was related to a personal touch to say hello and provide help in the store. Or best of all incentivize the consumer to purchase new products based on their buying patterns to help increase company revenue.


Lower consumer defection rates - By adding a personalized touch in real time to branding and marketing experiences to the customer. If you can personalize each message given to a customer coming through the door they will clearly see that it's not the same for everyone else. This will make a connection between the consumer and the brand.

Real-time Marketing tool - Marketing will have one of the most innovative solutions in their war chest. They will be able to test by state region or country and get better insights to how the consumers react to certain incentives based on the geography.

Increase Profitability - Once the retailer understands their customers more through the history of purchases they have built in there databases, they can understand what types of merchandise they would purchase more often if they were incentivized to so in the store in real-time vs an automated email that goes out once or twice a week.

About the Company

Zegura is a full stack software development company with key strengths in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biometrics, IoT & Physical Security Solutions. We offer consulting and engineering services to include OEM and white label offerings.